If you’re here, you might want to know a little about me.

I’m a writer. Sometimes, in addition to writing, I teach, like a lot of writers do. Sometimes my something else is something else. If you’d like to read about what I do in addition to writing, you can here, at The Millions.

I have one daughter, three sisters, six nieces and two nephews – but girls run in the family. Even our childhood dog was female.

I grew up in a succession of houses in Brooklyn, tiny to bigger. I didn’t live in the last house very long so didn’t think it would bother me when the time came to sell it, but it turned out I was wrong about that. You can read what it felt like to sell the family home here, The Millions.

I write personal essays like the two above – creative non-fiction – but mostly, I write fiction. I think about what I’m working on a lot. About how to move a story forward if I get stuck. How to resolve a problem, to unpick a knot, to hear my characters’ voices and see the places they frequent and live. Problems always come up. Solutions – or progress towards them – do too.

Sometimes walking helps. The cadence of walking, steady and lulling, seems to let me think in a deeper way than if I’m sitting at my desk. Sometimes, something I’m having trouble with keeps me up at night.

Which is why I’m calling this blog Up At Night. It’s what I plan to write about here: the questions and issues of writing. The things that keep me up at night.

Maybe they keep you up too.