Edra Ziesk has published three novels – The Trespasser (SMU Press, 2009), A Cold Spring (Algonquin Books, 2001) and Acceptable Losses (SMU Press, 1997), as well as a YA biography of anthropologist Margaret Mead and many short stories, personal essays, reviews and non-fiction pieces. She is a recipient of fellowships in fiction from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She lives in New York, where she teaches writing, and also sells vintage clothing.

THE TRESPASSER, a novel, SMU Press, Fall, 2009

A COLD SPRING, a novel, Algonquin Books, January 2002

ACCEPTABLE LOSSES, a novel, SMU Press, December 1997


“The Time Before the Time It Is Now” – PARAKEET, Spring 2004
“Sleep” – SHADE: An Anthology (Four Way Books), Spring 2004
“Time Flies and We Fly With It” – SALT HILL, Spring 2001
“In Camp” – ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW, Winter 2000
“Learning to Dance” – DENVER QUARTERLY, Spring 2000
“Girls” – SALT HILL, Spring 1999
“Rock” – HOME PLANET NEWS, #44, 1999
“Don’t Even Think About Parking Here” – PEARL, Winter 1998
“In Another Language” – ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW, Winter 1998
“A Sentence” – ARKANSAS REVIEW, August 1997
“Family Ties” – TURNSTILE, Winter 1995
“Burn County” (excerpt) – BLUELINE, Summer 1992
“Real Life” – SALMON, September 1992
“Hurt Books” – THE UNMADE BED: An Anthology (HarperCollins, 1992)
“Off Balance” – PLAYGIRL, February 1990
“Manny’s Boy” – FOLIO, Spring 1989
“Tornado Alley” – PLAYGIRL, February 1989
“The Smell of Burning” – PLAYGIRL, March 1987
“Cinnamon Toast” – PLAINSWOMAN, May 1986
“Abiding Happiness” – PLAYGIRL, January 1986
“Late” – OTHER VOICES, Winter 1986



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Finalist – Book of the Year – Foreword Magazine – 2009
Fellowship, Fiction – National Endowment for the Arts, 1996-7
Fellowship, Fiction – New York Foundation for the Arts, 1996-7
Best Books of the Year – New York Public Library, 1997
Annual Fiction Award – FOLIO, 1989
Fellowship – Yaddo, 1989